EUROGENDFOR participates in the Romanian Gendarmerie International Exercise 2016

In September, Romania held the Romanian Gendarmerie International Exercise (RoGendIntEx 2016) in the Gendarmerie’s Training Centre of Ochiuri.

This is the largest international exercise organized by the Romanian Gendarmerie, which combines the planning and executing of live exercises.

Its aim: to train the participants – police, military, and civilians – to meet tomorrow’s international security management challenges, taking into account the refugees’ crisis and the terrorist threat.

This international exercise brought together 17 countries, as well as evaluators and observers from several international organizations: European External Action Service, United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations, NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence…

EUROGENDFOR contributed with the expertise of its Head of Operations, Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Oanta, in the role of Head of Mission.

Riot squad in formation

Riot squad in formation.

Evacuation exercise

Injured officer evacuation exercise.

Tear gas launching

 Tear gas launching at violent mob.


The Chief of the Romanian Gendarmerie, Brigadier General Marin ANDREIANA (right) and the Head of EUROGENDFOR's Operations branch, Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Oanta.




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