EUROGENDFOR World Missions




EUROGENDFOR Participation in Mali

Since April 2014, EUROGENDFOR trains the Malian Security Forces within the European Union mission EUCAP SAHEL Mali.

EUROGENDFOR participation in the Central African Republic.

The EUFOR CAR mission was launched on the 1st of April 2014. Within this operation, EUROGENDFOR was specifically tasked and proudly devoted to play a key role in stabilizing a particularly volatile area of the capital, Bangui, by deploying a gendarmerie-type Integrated Police Unit, in order to reinforce the rule of law, to maintain public order, and to fight against impunity.


Following the establishment of the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan (NTM-A) during the Strasbourg-Kehl NATO summit in April 2009, EUROGENDFOR is engaged in the Afghan theatre since 8 Dec 2009, playing a relevant role in the training of the Afghan National Police. EUROGENDFOR is involved in three areas of commitment on the theatre:

- EUROGENDFOR experts to the NTM-A chain of command, 

- Mentors and training advisors to the ANP, 

- Mentors to the Afghan Uniformed Police through the provision of Police Advisory Teams


EUROGENDFOR participation in MINUSTAH Haiti in 2010

The engagement in "MINUSTAH" represented the first mission of EUROGENDFOR under UN aegis. Following the UN Security Council Resolution nr.1908, the European Gendarmerie Force deployed in Haiti, one French and one Italian Formed Police Unit (FPU), alongside with the Spanish Special Weapons and Tactics Platoon, tasked with supporting the UN Civilian Police activities, assisting the Haitian National Police, the Humanitarian Agencies, and other organizations acknowledged by the United Nations. 

The EUROGENDFOR operational commitment ended on the 3rd of December 2010.

EUROGENDFOR participation in EUFOR "Althea" mission in Bosnia Herzegovina

From 22 November 2007 until 28 October 2010 EUROGENDFOR took over the responsibility for manning the IPU Headquarters and coordinating the national EUROGENDFOR contributions for the IPU unit within the framework of the EUFOR "Althea" mission in Bosnia Herzegovina. 

The engagement in "Althea" mission, which represented the first mission of EUROGENDFOR since its creation in 2004, marked a milestone in its development as a credible and valid tool, at disposal of EU and other relevant International Organizations, in the field of Crisis Management Operations.