EUFOR ALTHEA mission – Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2007-2010.


For its first mission ever, the European Gendarmerie Force was engaged in Bosnia-Herzegovina from the 22nd of November 2007 till the 28th of October 2010. In accordance with the European Union framework (EUFOR), EUROGENDFOR took over and manned an Integrated Police Unit (IPU) headquarters.

Set up with national contributions but under EUROGENDFOR leadership and management, the IPU was designed to support the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace. Performing this mission for almost three years, EUROGENDFOR IPU provided a significant contribution to establish a Safe And Secure Environment (SASE) in Bosnia Herzegovina.

This first experience can consequently be considered as a milestone in EUROGENDFOR history, but also as a first demonstration of EUROGENDFOR credibility in crisis management operations.