EUCAP Sahel Mali: Training and supporting the Malian Trainers

16 members of the Malian National Guard got a 3 weeks "democratic crowd control Train the trainers course" provided by EUROGENDFOR experts of EUCAP Sahel Mali from 25 January to 12 February.

This course included 2 weeks dedicated to theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, while the 3rd week focused on pedagogy.

During the presentation of certificates ceremony, the trainees' spoksman thanked the EUCAP trainers and explained: "We will use what you have taught us in real-time.EUCAP Promotion
The Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Guard, meanwhile, focused on sharing knowledge: "You are highly skilled in Policing. You shall now share this knowledge with other elements of your force and put you at the disposal of others."

In fact, this knowledge sharing has already started with an ongoing training of 40 National Guards by the Malian trainers, supported by EUROGENDFOR experts.


EUCAP Training 3 EUCAP Training 2


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