Brigadier General RIO

Brig.Gen. Philippe RIO

(French Gendarmerie Nationale)



Brigadier General Philippe RIO, Commander of the European Gendarmerie Force from 26 June 2015, holds a diploma in literary studies, a master in political sciences, and is a graduated Officer from the Joint Defence College Senior Command Course. He is also an alumni of the National Defence Advanced Studies Institute (regional session of Montpellier, 2003), and the European Security and Defence College “Common Security and Defence Policy High Level Course 2010-2011”.

In 1980, right after finishing his literary studies, he entered the Saint-Cyr Army Academy, and the National Gendarmerie Officers’ Academy of Melun in 1982, to pursue a career as an Officer in the French Gendarmerie.

Brigadier General RIO has dedicated 37 years to the French Gendarmerie and other civilian and military institutions, including accumulating experience for 18 years to the international cooperation and crisis management field.

During his advancing trajectory, he was in command of several Mobile and Territorial Police Units within the French Gendarmerie Corps, to know:

- Mobile Gendarmerie Platoon, performing public security and crowd control tasks.

- Republican Guard Company, providing security to the Parliament and Constitutional Council.

- District- and Province-level Territorial Units, organising and directing the community policing affairs: public security, road safety, and criminal investigation in favour of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

As Head of the drug enforcement section in the Criminal Investigations Department of the National Gendarmerie General Directorate, he developed a drug prevention and enforcement strategy, and conducted the deployment of criminal analysis techniques and tools at national level.

He had the opportunity to develop, deliver, and manage several training programs as Crisis Management Operations Planning Professor in the French Joint Forces Defence College (War College), teaching more than 300 Senior Officers from 30 countries.

For several years he deepened his skills in different international environments:

- He joined the NATO Military Headquarters (SHAPE) as Legal Advisor, later on to switch to intelligence issues, transferring police intelligence analysis tools into military intelligence systems, and developing a training program in support of SFOR and KFOR.

- In the French permanent representation to the EU, as a Justice and Home Affairs Counsellor, among other tasks, he was responsible for the relationship between internal and external security. During his tenure in this position, he participated in the preparation and conduct of the French Presidency, including the chairing of Council Working Groups.

- In the French Ministry of Interior, he was the incumbent Officer in charge of the crisis prevention and management issues of the “International and European Affairs Delegation”, a small structure attached to the Minister's Cabinet.

- In 2012, as Police Advisor to the European Union Delegation to Libya, he coordinated EU and Members States police cooperation issues, and supported the EU Ambassador and the EEAS in the preparation of EUBAM Libya mission.

Before his assignment as EUROGENDFOR Commander, he was responsible for the external military relations of the French Gendarmerie Nationale, including the preparation and conduct of the 2014 French Presidency of the EUROGENDFOR’s High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN), and the 2015 Association of European and Mediterranean Gendarmeries (FIEP).